Basketball Training

The G.A.M.E Plan
  • Goals – Help you set day-to-day, short, and long-term basketball goals.
  • Analyze – Identify parts of your game that are strengths and weaknesses
  • Method – Develop a customized workout plan to improve your game.
  • Execute – Complete your workout plan, improve, and reach your goals.

Alexander Basketball Academy 1-on-1 training program uses the patented G.A.M.E Plan to fully develop its basketball players. This customized program is specifically designed, by you and the ABA coaching staff, so you reach your full potential. ABA Trainers have not only “made it” to a high level but they understand each player is different. We are excellent at identifying what each player needs in order to reach the next level.

Players in ABA’s 1-on-1 training program have a huge advantage over their competition. Summertime basketball camps are typically the hot ticket. However, camps can cost $450 per week and often have a ratio of TEN players to ONE counselor. The result is less focus on individual needs and skill development. The real cost is out-of-line with the actual benefits.

In addition, players participating in an ABA 1-on-1 training program can attend Group Workouts and Camps for a discount.