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  1. bob Doerr

    Congratulations!! I am friends with your grandfather (I have met you) and he’s so darned proud you’re making strides. I look forward to hearing more about your successes.

  2. Donald Paine

    Proud of my grandson, his visionary Mom, and his supportive family especially Uncle Jamie who made this happen.

    Here is an Ode to Xavier from his Grandpa:
    Ode to a Graduating Grandson

    He was born in Albany New York
    He grew up and played at the park
    For 9 years all he knew as home
    With his Mom,under loves doom.

    Life began as Javier Michael, then Xavier Jae
    Your genes of Korea/Lim, Sawyer/Jamaica
    Sawyer, Lim, Paine, Hansen together had
    Yours the legacy of four families, all glad.

    Aunts, uncles, cousins all around
    Grandpa & Bessie love abound
    Life’s gift of love in fullness chimes
    Faith caresses good & difficult times.

    Then to another home, far way
    Grandpa & Deb, on a great faith day,
    Put him on a solo flight to Korea
    To join his Mom, who had the idea.

    Two people, two homes, two lives
    One heart, one spirit into future dives
    Over the seas in faith they flew
    For another 9 years, grew & grew.

    Then back home to the states he came
    Where he was born, family friends the same
    He came home with his Mother in tow
    To explore all God has for his tomorrow.

    He grew and learned academically
    He played and excelled athletically.
    From playing soccer to Basketball,
    He came from Korea, to Blair’s Graduation Hall.

    We celebrate, his growth, all join in
    From both sides of the globe, cares in
    Supported and transported in love
    With thanks to our God, from above.

    We celebrate here and there
    The oceans of earth be ware
    No distance/distress even success
    Can separate, when love is in excess.

    We commission you to your future
    Continued growth in sports and life
    We covenant and commit our love
    May Spirit rest on you like a dove.

    Xavier is his own person, so true
    With his own journey and future too
    I know, my grandson, God is with you,
    Be sure each of us are with you too.

    By Grandpa
    With Love

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